Polymer clay is a non-toxic PVC medium that never dries out and hardens when cured in a oven. It’s durable, strong, lightweight, comfortable to wear as jewelry, and incredibly versatile. It can be molded, sculpted beyond imagination and shaped in infinite ways. To give the clean and neat finish, we sand and buff the pieces with most care and assemble them into final pieces.

Following tips will be helpful in keeping the appearance of your piece fresh and new:

  • Please store your earrings out of direct sunlight and keep away from hard items that might rub against it.
  • Minimize exposure to excessive heat, water, perfumes or hairsprays. Treat your jewelry with care, and avoid pulling on metal parts. Do not wear in water, or during strenuous physical activity.
  • Even though polymer clay is very durable and can be bendable, however, it can be easily broken with improper use and storage.
  • Clay components can be wiped with a damp cloth and then buffed with a microfibre cloth to return luster.
  • Please keep pieces away from small children for their safety as it can result in a potential choking hazard.