Established in July 2020, Soufflé Studio is a small-batch jewelry brand inspired by strong and empowering women. Every piece is slowmade by Jaycika Gill in her Lower mainland Vancouver studio, with the core intention to make you confident in looking and feeling your best. Each of our pieces are meticulously handcrafted— individually designed, pigmented, sculpted, and detailed by hand from start to finish while striving to create meaningful, accessible, unique and customizable handcrafted jewelry to serve as functional art for your ears. Unlike mass produced, fast fashion, our pieces embody attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship as the forefront of every Soufflé Studio design. 

As a brand, we are very passionate about sustainable fashion and believe in mindful making—that it's not about a few people doing zero waste perfectly but rather many people making the right choices where they can. All packaging items including our cute jewelry storage pouches are either recyclable, recycled or reusable. And, they are sourced from ethical and sustainably focused companies. All our scrap and off-cuts are always re-used. Meanwhile, we continue to learn and evolve each day towards more sustainable practices.

For all those curious, our brand name Soufflé Studio was inspired by the name and property of a type of polymer clay called “soufflé” that we use to make our pieces. Furthermore, our making process involves baking them into cute little gems, just like you would make a traditional soufflé dessert!

Choosing to shop small makes the world a better place—thank you for supporting a small business. We are beyond excited that you've taken the time to learn a little about our brand. To learn more, find us on Instagram at @soufflestudio for behind the scenes looks, sneak peeks of new designs, and shop updates!

Stay amazing,

Team Soufflé Studio